Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy {8-month} Birthday, Little Man

It's a very special day for us here: our Littlest Man is 8 months old today.  Here is his journey so far.

Here he is!  
Born 29 October 2009
... after a long and difficult labour (as usual), ending with my first and last caesarean.  

Here are Little Man and Middle Man on New Year's Day.
Brothers Forever!

Enjoying his first ever swim: Little Man at Clontarf in February 2010.

Little Man gets his first (of many) colds.  April 2010

Finally, Little Man is crawling and pulling himself up.  
Always trying to keep up with those brothers of his.
June 2010


  1. What an adorable little man. And look how clever he is already standing - I bet that he is busting to start running around with his brothers. How lovely to see your family. xx

  2. Thanks ladies. We think so too : )