Thursday, July 1, 2010

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 fever has hit our home!  

Over the weekend all four boys and I headed off to the cinemas for our 'special screening' of Toy Story 3.  The boys, with their popcorn and lemonade, each received a toy pack consisting of miniature figurines from the movie and got to meet Woody and Buzz.  Check out the pic: my friend thinks Woody is 'kinda cute'.  What do you think?

The movie itself was fab.u.lous!!! The 3D wasn't great (I thought Shrek Forever After was much much better in 3D) but the story was incredible.  I was in awe of how the writers manage to twist and turn the story at every corner.  I totally believed that the toys were real.  And, of course, I cried at the end.  It's those stupid breastfeeding hormones again.

Most importantly though, the boys LOVED it.  In fact, since seeing the movie my Big Man has taken a lot more care when playing with his toys.  I've noticed that play has become more imaginative and a simple "Would Andy crash his toys like that" put a quick end to any rough play.


  1. We have been discussing whether to take Ollie or not. I think he would love it.Sounds like it is a definite yes!

  2. Love the photo :)
    My girlfriends went to see the movie the other night {yep..they're in their late 20's with no kids but were dying to see it lol} and one of them said she bawled her eyes out at the end too :)))
    I haven't seen it yet....I might take Ella to see it these holidays!
    Claire xo.
    P.S. Just added you to my Thank You list :) xo

  3. Hi Mira - thank you so much for all your lovely comments - sorry I haven't let many comments for you but I am here now and look forward to hearing more about your life with all those boys! We are off to see Toy Story 3 tomorrow (although I just told my eldest that because she won't stop calling us back to her bedroom after we put her to bed that she may now not be coming!). Hope tomorrow improves! Leanne xx

  4. OMG Mira - I am looking at all your posts thinking I know that person, I am sure I know that person! So HI and how funny is this - now you know how my holidays are going! Thank goodness for a few days of tennis camp next week!! Hope your week has been more fun! Leanne x

  5. Thanks for coming to my blog Leanne. As you can see, no posts all week. Having too much fun with the boys. We've had a good balance of busy days and home-days so I haven't found any new grey hair this week. I did last week, though! Pepi even had to sit me down in her office to discuss Big Man's behaviour at preschool. My first 'interview with the principal'. With three boys, not the last, I'm sure.

  6. Don't worry about crying Mira, Margaret from The Movie Show said she bawled her eyes out! I've heard so many good things about this movie & although our youngest child is 27, I'll drag him along so I can 'justify' going to a kid's movie!
    Millie ^_^

  7. This was Mia's first movie at the cinema ever, thankfully only I cried! Love the photo and Woody is not bad at all!