Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally, I get a minute...

Well the big day has been and gone - my Middle Man's Number 3 party that is.  I'm always amazed at how hectic the build-up to a party is, and only a few days later you're left wondering what to do with all the spare time you suddenly seem to have.

I did promise some pics of the three cakes I made for my MM's party but, not surprisingly, amidst all the rush and craziness in getting the kids out the door and to the party I completely forgot to take photos of the Lightning McQueen birthday cake and Number 3 cupcakes.  So my apologies for the poor quality, but here are my snaps of two of the three cakes.

cake #1: the one that went to Occasional Care

...and here is the only photo we have of the Lightning McQueen cake.  Look at the smile on MM's face!

So in place of this year's photos I thought I'd get out photos of all my past cakes, just to see how far I'd come.  Here they are:

Big Man's first birthday: Mr Birthday

Big Man's second birthday

Our Big Man also had a Lightning McQueen cake for his third birthday, very similar to Middle Man's, but we had so much fun at his beach party that we completely forgot to take any photos.

Big Man's fourth birthday (a mini-golf party deserves a mini-golf cake)

Middle Man's christening cake

Middle Man's first birthday: a cake in the shape of the dinosaur from his Paper Eskimo invitation

Middle Man's second birthday: an Iggle Piggle cake

The MOTH often asks, usually on that really stressful day-before-the-party, why I bother to make my own cakes.  I just love it!  I enjoy baking, I love seeing people enjoy eating my cakes, and most of all I like seeing my boys excited about their birthday cake.  It's heartwarming shouting at the kids for the zillionth time to "Shut the fridge door" because they keep opening it to look at their cake.

My next project though, well that's one I'll discuss later.  The ideas are slowly taking shape in my head.....

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  1. Mira....I think i may have found a kindred spirit - you bake, you read and you have boys. Where have you been all my life???!!!!