Monday, June 7, 2010

A Special Request

When I was a little girl I was an early riser.  It was not unusual for me to be up anytime between 5 and 6am requesting a delicious breakfast, usually pancakes or porridge.

One of my special favourites is now a favourite of my sons'.  And they too are early risers.  My mum regularly reminds me that it's Karma.

This morning my 4 year old has put in a Special Request for one of his favourite breakfasts (and one of my childhood favourites too).  Semolina Pudding.  Perfect for a cold winter's morning.

I found my particular recipe here but my mother's recipe was very simple: milk (as much as you want), a tablespoon of sugar per person, and enough semolina to thicken it slightly (usually about a quarter of a cup).  

Just like many other families of young children, we have 'food issues' too.  Our 4 year old is anaphylactic (to dairy, crustaceans and tree nuts) and our almost-3 year old is a Failure to Thrive.  As a result one can't drink cow's milk (or soy, goat's or sheep's milk) and the other must have full fat cow's milk.  I am forever preparing two breakfasts, which used to be a pain but is now just a part of life for us.  To make matters worse, it seems our 7 month old also has food allergies.  We suspect dairy, bananas and the dreaded peanut, but won't know for sure until he's 12 months old.

Anyway, the recipe above is delicious, whether you make it with dairy milk or rice milk (which is actually quite tasty).  Luckily for us almonds aren't tree nuts but in fact seeds.  We're over the moon about that because they are so so good for you.  I hope you like it.

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