Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a Number 3 Party!

It's an exciting week for us this week. 
Our Middle Man turns 3!

It just melts my heart to see him so excited about his Lightning McQueen party this Sunday.  

This year we made the decision to outsource all of the kids' parties as life is just too hectic with three children.  MM has therefore chosen to have his Number 3 party at our local play centre, Wizzy World.  My only job is to bake, bake and bake.  The first cake is for him to share with his friends at Occasional Care tomorrow; the second cake is one in the shape of a  car tyre with one of those edible images of Lightning McQueen stuck on top (his choice, not mine); and finally some 'Number 3' cupcakes for the grown-ups at his party.

I will post some party pics sometime next week, but in the meantime I think I will reminisce about this very special week in my life three years ago...

"Welcome to the world, Baby Boy"
13 June 2007

Brothers meet for the first time.
Who would ever have guessed that they would grow to be the bestest of buddies!

Here they are a couple of months ago.  
Neither is a leader and neither is a follower.  They're just brothers whose relationship is based on simple, pure love.  And a common interest in cars and trains.

"Happy Birthday Week my darling boy!"
Your smile always makes my heart swell.


  1. What a cutie your Mr. Middle is Mira! Got to watch him though, our Mr. Middle has been the one who's kept me on my toes the most out of all our 5. And at 28 still is!!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Ahhh Cars and trains I have a feeling my oldest will be passing on this love to the baby.....what else in life is there to worry about.