Friday, June 25, 2010


Feeling so sick all week.  And the kids too.  Really need one of these to make me feel better.  Mmmmmm, chai latte...... 

Oh, and perhaps a holiday too.  Somewhere warm, sunny and very exotic.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. There is so much going around at the moment, we have had colds and the vomiting bug too. Ahh the joys of winter. Thanks for commenting on my blog, lovely to see you there and meet your blog too.

  2. I stumbled across it by chance and loved it. Look forward to reading more. In the meantime, it's off to the doc for Big Man to get checked out. I hope he's the last one!

  3. Thanks for the OJ tip, I definitely think Ill start doing that for all of us. In the meanwhile I have given Ollie multivitamins which seem to be making a difference.
    We use the woolies napisan all the time, my deal old Gran got us onto it and she never would use homebrand anything bless her.

    Did you get to when No 2- Flynn was born yet - I think it was about the same time as your number 3!!! Yesterday as I was reading through your blog I almost yelled with excitment when i realised our two boys are almost the same ages...yes i know Im a dag!!

  4. I did eventually get to Flynn's birth, but it was way after midnight and I was far too tired to comment. My Littlest Man was born on 29 October 2009, so less than a month between them. And my Middle Man seems to be only a few months younger than your Ollie. (Now, you must read this in that annoying, whiney voice with the rising inflection at the end that people use when they ask you this): "Will you be trying for a girl?" Hahahaha - NOT ME! Then I wouldn't be the 'special girl' in the family anymore...

  5. ahh i posted here last night and it doesn't seemed to have come through. lol at the trying for a girl, how annoying i that. I tell them all if I try for number 3 I will be trying for a boy. Im sure people thing Im mad but with a Rugby obsessed husband it makes sense to build a little rugby empire right...beside i like not having to share the throne!!