Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to work...

That's right folks!

After more than 5 years at home with my boys I have taken the plunge and returned to work.  On a casual/part-time basis, of course, but 'work' nonetheless.

I am struggling just a little to adjust to my change in lifestyle.  
I started out very nervous and unsure of myself but the 'work' bit has turned out to be cinch.  It's the 'home' bit that I have been struggling with.

I miss the boys terribly, and I really really miss being the one to take them to and pick them up from school, but luckily the child care is being taken care of by our lovely grandmothers (my mum and MiL).

Dinner, which I expected to be a challenge, has been surprisingly simple as long as I stick to simple meals on those nights.

The hardest bit, I have found, is my boys' behaviour!

Because they are looked after by their wonderful grandmothers who love them more than anything in the whole wide world, they have been quite spoilt.  Well, spoilt rotten really!  

I have had tantrums, backchat, clinginess, night-waking and bed-wetting to deal with.  

Please, ladies, tell me this will all get better...

What do you do to make your life a little easier???

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  1. Its certainly a juggle my friend. I think my only top is to over organise yourself. pack bags in the evening, have dinner chopped and ready to cook, meal plan, whatever you can to make sure that your day goes smoothly tomorrow. It doesn't always go to plan, but I find knowing what your next step is certainly eases the pressure.