Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Month

2011 has been an exciting year for our Big Man.  

Not only did he turn 5 this month, but he also started Kindergarten.  We couldn't be prouder  or happier for him!

We celebrated the week by spending our last 'special day' together before he went off to 'big school'.  First up was fish and chips at Balmoral, followed by a swim and a play in the sand.  Just like the old days when it was just him and me.

 The next day was the first exciting day of many.  Kindergarten.  
So ready and so happy to learn and play, in the end it was him comforting me!

Only a few short weeks later, and with lots of old preschool friends and a few new Kindy friends, Big Man celebrated his 5th Birthday with a Pirate Party.

A far simpler dessert table than Little Man's was for his first birthday, but one of which I'm proud nonetheless.  

It consisted of 'Walk the Plank Jelly', "Pirate Ship Cupcakes', 'Spiced Rum apple juice' and the Pirate Cake.

But most importantly, it was a totally egg and dairy free party!

Happy Birthday Month Jeremy!

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