Monday, September 6, 2010

When good kids go bad! {Week-a-Boo}

A busy weekend with a family function and Fathers' Day was spoiled by two bratty boys.

I lost count of the number of times Big Man and Little Man were sent to their rooms.

This happens every now and then: my gorgeous boys turn into something feral for a couple of days, before transforming back into their delightful selves.  It's Monday evening and the transformation is almost complete.  Hopefully by tomorrow morning the ferals will be all gone, never to return again (although this is wishful thinking - they will be back at least once, possibly twice, before Christmas).

Thank you Claire for sharing your Week-a-Boo with us each Monday.  I don't normally have time to blog on Mondays so it is wonderful that I have the opportunity to offer you all a peek into my weekend.  Hopefully it will be a more positive post next time...

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  1. Oh we are so there right by your side, I have no idea what has set Ollie off but Im glad he is nearly back to his normal self.